2013 - Helping Queenslanders in need

Queenslanders boast a proud history of helping those in need.

Currently the best way to support your fellow Queenslanders affected by the floods is by cash donations.

Donate money

The Queensland Government has established the Queensland Floods Appeal 2013 in partnership with the Australian Red Cross. Donations can be made by visiting www.redcross.org.au or by calling 1800 811 700.

Turn goods into money

If you are not in a position to make a cash donation, there are a number of ways you may be able to turn goods into money, such as:

  • linking up with a local charity and running a ‘bring and buy’ or boot sale

  • holding a social event with your friends to auction off items you have to give away

  • holding a garage sale.

Local charities will gladly accept funds raised to assist those affected by the floods. 

Donate goods

For those who specifically want to donate goods, an ideal channel is to match your goods with a need through organisations such as Goods For Good Causes (GIVIT). The address for GIVIT is: http://www.givit.org.au/

Corporate donations

For business and corporate organisations wanting to donate, the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services will seek to broker an offer to a particular need. This can be undertaken through strategicpartnership@communities.qld.gov.au. 


Members of the public who are interested in helping are encouraged to register with Volunteering Queensland by visiting www.emergencyvolunteering.com.au or calling 07 3002 7600.